ArcelorMittal BDE Workshops won an important tender in Polish power industry

Our colleagues from ArcelorMittal BDE Worshops made an excellent start to the New Year. In a tough competition they succeeded in a tender and gained an order worth of almost 5 million PLN to manufacture two pieces of wagon tipplers for a Polish power plant of TAURON group.


The tender for the order was announced by a Polish engineering company later in October 2016. However, a long time ago this was preceded by a tender for an important strategic investment project of a Polish TAURON Power Plant Jaworzno III for external coal handling. The winning bid in this tender was submitted by a consortium of three companies and the Polish business partner was one of them. In a subsequent competition to manufacture one part of the investment project, i.e., wagon tipplers, the BDE Workshops group had to compete with another three bidders.


Above standard customer relations

 “Compared with the competitors, our group had the advantage of maintaining  very warm long-term relationships with our trade partner that are based, besides others, on problem-free deliveries throughout the entire period of our cooperation,” explained the sales manager of BDE Workshops, Adam Korczynski. But we can say that the foundations for the cooperation were laid almost twenty years back. At that time, thanks to the Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce the leaders of both companies, met for the first time. However, the official cooperation started in 2014 when we successfully participated in manufacturing and delivering of a gantry loader.

The effort aimed at winning the order for the wagon tipplers started in early 2016. Since this time there were numerous meetings in which we presented reference projects which included a recent successful order for the same equipment, but for a different Polish client. “Good relationships, technical expertise, and mainly the best offer, all of this added up to the final victory. In the middle of January we started the implementation and we have to manufacture the tipplers, equip them with anti-corrosion coating and prepare them for the subsequent assembly in the Jaworzno power plant. And of course, all of this within the agreed deadline,” concluded Korczynski.


Synergy of two units

 “I very much appreciate the cooperation of our sales managers who build long-term relationships with the customers that have good potential. This project is also a result of hard work by both units of the BDE Workshops where we also expect to produce both key components so that we can offer the best possible manufacturing time among all competitors and not only fulfill but even over fulfill the expectations of the customer,” adds Daniel Doležal, the sales and marketing manager of the BDE Workshops group.

If the implementation of this order is successful, the management of our partner is ready to offer other projects relating to this investment project as well.

Ondřej Doležel


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