Supporting strategic investments in Luxemburg

The workshops of ArcelorMittal BD East (Flat Products Europe) contribute to ArcelorMittal Belvals strategic investment by delivering around 160 tonnes of machined and fabricated material to revamping the rolling mill nr 2 at ArcelorMittal Belval in Luxembourg (Long Products Europe).

This project is part of the key strategic investment in the rolling mill nr 2 in Belval, Luxembourg aimed at the development of a new sheet-pile range. The parts manufactured by the ArcelorMittal BD East workshops are mainly the new covering plates and the side guides used to widen the roller tables of the rolling mill. The project also comprised a new carriage for sheet pile pairing centre.

It was a pleasure to have our own workshops in the BD East among the suppliers of our rolling mill revamping project. Adherence to the planned delivery times, quality of manufacturing as well as communication by the team during execution was exemplary,commented Roland Bastian, CEO ArcelorMittal Belval.

According to Abdel Mekki, CEO of the ArcelorMittal Europe BD East workshops, The order of 160 tonnes of machined material for ArcelorMittal Belval was undertaken by our Service Group in Poland and the manufacturing was then carefully planned, shared and executed with the sister site of Engineering Products Ostrava, which is an hours drive across the border in the Czech Republic, so that we could leverage the capabilities of each site and deliver on time our colleagues in ArcelorMittal Belval.

All of the equipment was manufactured and delivered within the contractual time schedule, enabling the completion of all planned works within the critical deadline related to Luxembourgish rolling mill standstill.


ArcelorMittal Europe BD East workshops include both facilities of ArcelorMittal Service Group in Poland and ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava in Czech Republic. These facilities have more than 40 years of experience in delivering value added projects and spare parts to the steel and associated industry across Europe. Main production segments are engineering production, foundry, mechanical repairs (rolls, gear boxes ), electric motor repairs, roll-turning shop and railway wheel-sets. The production activities of the company focus mainly on regeneration, design and production of mechanical parts, steel structures, mechanical process equipment and production lines, working rolls, castings, wheel-sets and axles.

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